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Courses run from 4-10 weeks and cover a variety of topics including easy nutrition tips, fun and simple movement exercises and a focus on mental health to help bring balance and to build confidence and community.


One or two day long workshops. Each workshop has a different theme or focus. Each workshop will include a brief introduction/handouts, warm up, activities/challenges throughout the day, lunch/relax, another brief warm up and then will finish up with a review of the morning to solidify understanding and ask questions. 


From kids birthdays to adults bachelorette parties, fairs, campgrounds, hotel resorts and everything in between Samantha's unique style can match any occasion. If you are looking for a healthy, fun or unique way to spend your special day or weekend away, think about picking up a hula-hoop with Samantha. 



First of its kind in Eastern Canada, Samantha incorporates ancient healing with positive affirmations and hoop dance, to promote healing, and create movement and flow in all aspects of your life. 

The Coach

Creating movement in the body, mind and community.

Hoop swinging, kombucha brewing, animal and nature lover. Samantha spends most of her time in a circle (hula-hoop) outside, playing with her fur babies or diving into the rabbit hole of healing and self development. Focusing on the body's natural rhythm and flow her passion with hooping is to help others release sources of emotional pain, trauma and anxiety through building confidence with movement, music, community and natural resources. 

Any Questions?

Halifax and surrounding area's, Nova Scotia  |  Tel: 902-210-5667

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