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With a focus on acceptance and community this two day workshop touches on the basics of hooping and health. We begin in the morning on day one with introductions to each other, a little bit of healthy habit talk, why its important to stay hydrated and how to choose the right size hoop for you, we then spend the afternoon creating a hoop to take home and learning 3 very basic foundations to hoop dance and posture. 
Day two we jump right back into hoop posture, the importance of paying attention to your body signals, and learn 5 more tricks throughout the day. We also ensure to take breaks and ask questions throughout the day to solidify understanding and engagement.


Hooping for fitness focuses on proper posture while introducing some great moves to help build muscle. In the morning we will cover how to choose the proper hoop size, once we have chosen our hoops we will use them in a light stretch session. After stretching we will practice 5 moves to get the blood flowing, we touch on the importance of practicing in both directions. After lunch we will spend time calculating our own proper intake of water, and discuss why diets tend to fail us. Then, we will all be asked to hold a safe space so that each of us can share a failure and success that we learned from in the past. We will close the afternoon with an upbeat dance workout session. 


This workshop is great for beginners who have never hooped before or for those with a basic knowledge of waist hooping. We will cover the importance of posture at all times during hooping, the different areas on your body that you can hoop on, the most common mistakes made in these areas, and how to keep the hoop from falling. This workshop is a bit quicker pace and a little more intensive then the beginner workshop. The morning will begin with a quick meet and greet, from there we jump straight into proper hoop size and how to get hooping. After lunch we will have a question and answer session to digest, connect, ensure understanding and get feedback. After handing out the F.A.Q and body hooping handout we return to body hooping for one last free-for-all jam session.  


With a focus on posture this workshop is a fun addition for those who are comfortable waist hooping (or even just throwing around a hula-hoop.) We cover a variety of off body moves such as isolations, tosses, passes and stalls. This workshop moves pretty quickly so there is a detailed handout for each participant that will help them follow along both in class at at home afterwards. This workshop starts with an introduction to each other and to the many different moves that will be covered throughout the day. We then move into a light stretch and begin with isolations and tosses, after lunch we move on to passes and then introduction to stalls/balances. And as always, we end with a free-for-all hoop session. 

 Our workshops are shorter programs focused on connecting the individual with the hoop. They are aimed towards proper posture, body care/maintenance, and building community. 

Our workshops all include how to properly choose a hoop for your bodytype/size, free handouts, discount off your next attended workshop and lunch. 

Typically workshops run from 9am-4pm but this may vary depending on the location, event, or booking. 



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