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About the Presenter

Samantha is an Acupuncturist on a mission to demystify Traditional Chinese Medicine and bring health, healing and happiness into our modern lives.

She is passionate about sharing the power of traditional healing with others and is dedicated to leaving the next generation happier and healthier.


She knows that true healing happens outside of her clinic space and she aims to educate her patients on how they can enhance their own lives everyday.


Samantha’s deep passion for Acupuncture blossomed when she was in recovery and experienced the profound healing effects it has on the mental-emotional state during that pivotal point in her life.


Her knowledge and passion for the medicine have only grown since as she educates more people about the powerful effects this medicine has.


She believes that the most impactful shifts in life start with small intentional micro-actions.


She is over the severely outdated approach to fitting healthcare into a little box and believes that everyone deserves to feel better, live easier, and smile more.




Taking the healing power of Acupuncture into your own hands – learn how to improve your mental and physical health using ear seeds, EFT (tapping) and Essential Oils.

Learn the basics of how Acupuncture theory works;
Get a handful of tools that you can add to your daily routine to improve your mental and physical health; receive a sample pack of ear seeds.

Mental Health

The Five Element Approach to Mental Health – learn how to use Acupuncture theory to reduce stress and anxiety in your daily life.

The traditional Chinese Five Element Theory states that reactions happening within the body are the same as reactions happening in the environment around us. The Ancient Chinese observed how nature interacted with itself and categorized an entire medical system around this conversation happening in our bodies and the world around us.

Learn about the five elements, discover which element you may be and discover how living for your element can help improve your everyday mental and physical health

Corporate Options

Because your employees mental and physical health should be your number one priority.

I offer a variety of workshop style presentations; educational approaches can be tailored to your particular workplace and the struggles that your team faces a regular basis - whether its hard labor, mental support or stress relief - everyone can benefit when they know better. 

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