Samantha breaks her knowledge of health and healing down for you in easy to digest, quickly readable posts, because she knows that moms don’t have much (if any) spare time in their schedule. She provides simple, and easy to implement tips and tricks, that collectively make huge life shifts over time. Tips and tricks she's used for success on her own journey from addictions, to the healing arts, to motherhood. 

Nature & Novels - To - Late Nights & Narcotics

- To - Nurturing & Nourishing.

Full-Time Momma | Part-Time Licensed Acupuncturist and Virtual Educator.
But, that wasn't always my journey.

Growing up in small town New Brunswick I spent the majority of my time outdoors exploring nature or reading a book (in the innocent years anyways!) I was never still for very long and always had a number of project on the go - Fast forward to 21 being diagnosed with ADHD my journey only makes too much sense.  

Middle school and Junior High years were rough for me. I had 9 other kids in my class, so naturally, being the “strange” one, I was the outlier and didn’t really fit. As a highly sensitive person, being bullied was extremely detrimental to my early development.  

After graduating from TRHS in 2010 (somehow still on the honor roll), I decided to take a year off before University. I got hired on the spot at Urban Planet where I found many of my strengths in management and was quickly promoted into leadership roles.  
Half a decade of managing a team taught me lessons that years of University couldn't have scratched the surface of.  
Though I loved my job, one thing in my life became very clear after I was let go. My addiction was getting the better of me. It was circa 2011-2012 and I was hitting my rock bottom. I was snorting pills in the bathroom on break, and smoking meth before going on shift. It took two special women cornering me in the kitchen with concerns about my life, to make me realize the moment was now or never.  
After a year of rocky waters I realized the best thing for me was to entirely up and go. Relocating to Nova Scotia allowed me to get away from my dealers and get a fresh new start. I began to make small daily changes, which over the years have collectively led me through recovery, and into healthier daily habits.  
Today I am on a mission to show others that living a more empowered life is possible. That with one small action every day, next year you can be in an entirely different circumstance and headspace.