As a reclaimed warrior woman and sister of the planet, Samantha is a student of the healing traditions. Based outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia, her passion for a happier, healthier generation is her drive to create unique, simplified, and fun approaches to healing,  movement and reclaiming the mind, body and soul.

Nature & Novels - To - Late Nights & Narcotics

- To - Nurturing & Nourishing.

I am a certified Reiki practitioner, Acupuncturist, Lifestyle coach, and Nutritional educator.
But, that wasn't always my journey.

I grew up in Dorchester, a small town in rural New Brunswick. There wasn’t much there, a library, school, post office, park, and prison. Just enough to hide behind to get stoned or drunk really. As a child I spent a lot of time alone restoring abandoned forts, picking blueberries/raspberries in the nearby woods, running through streams and reading anything magic or fantasy related that I could get my hands on. Luckily, my grandmother worked at the Library for a couple years, where she would babysit me after school and I could get lost in the aisles and forget about the world around me. 


My social anxiety was a big struggle from a young age, I guess that came with being bullied my entire childhood. I was always a small kid so I would get called anorexic on the daily, and being in a class of only 9 students, when you become the bullied - you stay the bullied. By the time Junior-High years came the jokes converted to focus around my undeveloped body. I always had a huge appetite but weight gain has always been a big struggle for me. My early high-school days were spent on a dark journey down a path of substance abuse. Stepping into a lifestyle that would spin me around, I was never prepared for the experiences and lessons that the following years brought to me.

Now I say dark, because I never expected for what to happen to happen so quickly. I was someone who at 9 years old claimed I would never even touch a cigarette, and by 18 was ingesting hard drugs daily. But it wasn't always dark, in high-school it was fun, I was good at getting fucked up and actually made friends for the first time by doing it. "I don't have an addictive personality" and " I can stop whenever I want." were things I remember coming out of my mouth regularly. Who knew 12 years after graduation, stopping would be one of the biggest battles I would experience to date. 
A struggle that I am, and will always be eternally grateful for. 

My “healing” moment came in 2012, when I up and left the Moncton night scene. A couple of good friends/roommates had "intervened" me in our kitchen and made it clear that this choice was becoming closer and closer to a life or death decision. 


Since leaving New Brunswick, I've spent the following years on a long and winding healing journey through a few relapses, some big emotions, an engagement that didn't work out, major body detoxification, physical and mental healing and never ending self-discovery. My introduction to personal development which happened in 2013 opened me up to an entirely new wave of self-focus and a new passion for life and healing. This new focus allowed me to recognize what worked for me, what didn't work, and what changes needed to happen. Since then, I have studied and experimented with research proven (and fun) ways to implement behavioural changes that lead to long lasting results and successfully reclaiming that true inner spark.

After recovering from 20 years of anxiety attacks, and 12 years of substance abuse, my passion is to help others discover their own path to recovery. Whether you are struggling with self-depriving thought patterns, childhood traumas, or substance abuse, whatever it is that is holding you back from healing and living the best life that you are capable of, I strongly believe that every person comes from a unique conditioning, which also means that each person is suffering in their own unique ways and deserves a specialized and individualized approach to reach their full healing potential. I do this by taking the time to find out your personal history and work with you to create the new story of your future through Acupuncture, Herbal Therapy, Reiki and Education. 

My area of focus is rebuilding the mind and body connection, I work with body detoxification, and emotional recalibration, whether it be depression, anxiety, addiction, hormone therapy, weight loss/body image, or any other trauma or distraction, I want to help you rediscover your inner beauty and reclaim your best self so that together we can create a happier and healthier generation for the future of us, our children and the planet.  


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Tarot | Crystals | Nature | Biking | Animals | Nature | Hikes | Documentaries | Qi-Gong| Festivals | Road-Trips | Family | Friends | Creating | Crafting

The universe, sun, moon and stars are my blood, and I live for a connection with nature and the planet.

Favourite place to be: Anywheres as long as there's a hammock or a hoop, and my acupuncture needles. <3

I also want to take a moment here to thank the talented photographers who's dedicated work you see posted to this site.

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