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Samantha Landry

Confidence, community and coaching. 

Samantha incorporates her knowledge of ancient and modern healing modalities with hoop dance, yogic style stretches, poses and free movement to provide a fun healing experience for every-body. 

Healing is promoted in her classes by addressing the whole person (spirit, mind, body) and integrating hoop dance with meridian theory, acupressure points, breathing techniques, affirmations, aromatherapy and Qi-gong style warm-ups.

Samantha's aim is to help individuals get fit and have fun while working through past traumas, confidence issues, addictions, and everyday stresses. Her free food and exercise tips are easy to follow and help to reduce the toxins, lose weight, build muscle and gain awareness all while having fun together and building community. 

IN 2019

Accessing, Building and Creating.


Achieving balance through accessing built up traumas and releasing past conditioning, while building confidence, community and creativity.


Your thoughts become your reality. A toxic mind will lead to a toxic life. Many of our toxic thoughts stem from conditioning from when we were younger. Conditioning that we are not even aware of having.


We are only born with one body. We cannot expect more from our bodies than what we give them in return. Learn to love and treat your body with respectful movement.


Spirituality here does not necessarily mean religion. To me, it is important that one understands what they stand for. I feel it is important to open minds and question both what you feel is right or wrong. 


Having a support system is more important than some would realize. We hold a safe place for all individuals to find belonging and community.


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