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An ancient but effective approach to happiness & emotional healing.

How to Improve your Mental Health Using a Traditional Approach

A course focused on youth-care workers, counsellors, parents, teachers & any one who is genuinely interested in expanding their mental health toolbox. 

What you'll learn

Why some people experience certain emotions stronger & struggle with specific emotions more often than others.

Where emotions show up in the body & how to choose the best approach for each specific emotion. 

Why some people are more resistant to change & how to recognize your own emotional biases. 

Where fears stem from, and how we can strengthen our foundation to help reduce them. 


Presented by Samantha Landry,
L. Acupuncturist

When working with emotions the 5-Element Theory continues to prove itself over and over again. I'm breaking down this powerful and effective theory to bring it into homes, clinics and classrooms everywhere's. 

Free for a limited time only!

By the end of this free training you will

Free Introductory Course

Balancing Rocks

I want to join the course while it's still free. 

Disclaimer: Information shared through this course is for sole purpose of education only. Do no make any changes to your health regimen without talking to your current health professional first. This is by no means a diagnostics course or complete certification, this course  is simply to share my passion for this extremely effective approach to mental health. I am by no means diagnosing you, or anybody you know through these lessons as a true diagnosis is extremely thorough and therefore this should not be looked upon as such.

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