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What To Expect (at your first) Acupuncture Treatment?

If you've never had Acupuncture or are just hearing about it is is totally normally be a little nervous about a stranger inserting needles into your body, regardless of how small and healing those needles may be.

Before Your Acupuncture Treatment

Depending upon where you are booking your first Acupuncture appointment you will be required to fill in a brief form and checklist related to your visit.

This may be done virtually if you are booking online, or may be done when you get to the physical location of your appointment.

It is important that you check off all symptoms on the list that you experience even if you do not think it’s related.

Treatment Room

Your Acupuncture Treatment room will likely have a table, desk, chairs and hooks.

You are welcome to sit on the bed, or in the chair - be mindful that your first appointment will include a very thorough health inspection and will be a bit longer than your follow up appointments, so be prepared for a bit of a sit.


We will review your reason for the visit and checklist together.

We will then dig into your previous health history, and the current symptoms you’re experiencing in your body.

We will cover the onset and progression of those symptoms, and the external factors that you feel may have been involved.

I will ask a number of questions throughout that help me determine your unique body type and what treatment methods are best suited for your fastest recovery.

Some questions may seem completed unrelated but remember everything is connected.

Tongue and Pulse

To conclude my diagnosis I will measure the pulses on your left and right wrists.

It is important during this time to remain calm and take several deep breaths so as not to disturb the pulses being read.

You will then be asked to stick out your tongue briefly. The colour, coating, shape and function of your tongue indicate the internal functioning of the body and was a large part of diagnostics even here in the West until less than 100 years ago.


I may ask if you would be more comfortable doing a front or back treatment, or I may give you direct guidelines as to lay face up or down.

I will leave the room.

Proceed to get undressed to your comfort level, get on the table and under the sheets.

Upon my arrival I will ensure you are comfortable, or may adjustments accordingly.


I will then translate your diagnosis to you while I begin to perform the treatment.

As I begin I will continue to check in with you as we proceed to ensure everything is comfortable.

It is important to know that these needles should not cause discomfort or sharp pains so it is important to inform of any points that are causing these sensations.


Lastly I will confirm that nothing is uncomfortable, you are feeling well and you at a good temperature before dimming the lights and leaving you to “marinade” for 15-20 minutes with healing music.

It is important to focus on your breathing here, and try to stay in the treatment room. Avoid thinking about what you have to do afterwards, or any other stressors in your life.

It is hard to experience the healing effect of anything when we are focused on what we have to do tomorrow or whats due next week.


After the initial times up I will return to the treatment room with a little knock.

Some people like to request another 5 minutes, and if my schedule allows I am always happy to accommodate.

It is common for some people to doze off during treatments so I always enter slowly as to not alarm you.

I will slowly turn up the lights and continue to remove the needles and apply pressure to the areas they were placed. This pressure helps to keep the point stimulated even after the needle is removed.


While I am removing the needles I will inform you of some other ways to incorporate healing into your daily routine. This will likely include some light movement activity homework, tea recommendations, a few options to add to your diet, or a temporary herbal remedy.

I will address any questions or concerns you have and you will be left to redress.

We will reconnect in the front and you will rebook according to the plan we created together.

The frequency will be determined by the severity of your condition, nature of the condition and schedule availability. The frequency will be determined by the severity of your condition, nature of the condition and schedule availability.


After the booking, payment and goodbyes are complete, you will be reminded to drink lots of water and take an epsom salt bath in the evening.

Now go relax, enjoy yourself, and let the Acupuncture do its work over the next few days.

If you have any questions about Acupuncture, if it could help you or someone you know, or even if you’re just scared of needles and need some reassurance (I’m scared too!) send them to Samantha at

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Samantha, XXO

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