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Will We Ever Work In Balance?

Emergency medicine is a miracle but it will never alone be the whole answer.

And no, not because my opinion is biased being an Acupuncturist.

Because I’ve witnessed time and time again how over burdened and under cared for the medical system already is, and it’s just getting worse.

My mother and grandfather have both struggled with a number of health issues over the years, from a stroke to cancer, to a hip replacement and everything in between.

I’ve worked in multiple areas of the healthcare system from group-homes to nursing homes and clinics, I’ve witnessed the truth of the current health “care” systems we have in place.

The system is over burdened.

Over worked.

Under appreciated

& under resourced.

There has to be a better way, and there is.

The power of modern medicine has been shown to be extremely effective at saving lives.

Modern medicine is great at EMERGENCY medicine; surgery, accidents, heart attacks, bone-breaks, life threatening situations etc.

Most other areas of healthcare this medicine is failing because the systems are just not in place.

We need dieticians & nutritionists available at the community level, we need physios & yoga instructors doing a variety of classes accessible to all, we need community drop in centres for minor concerns and simple prescriptions; things like skinned knees, antibiotics, and birth control options.

Our doctors are barely given time with their own lunch or bed, let alone their patients - and the continuously growing demand of patients needing doctors in the province just shows us how much pressure truly is on them.

So we have over-worked, under-slept, over-stretched healthcare providers just trying to do their best, but how good can they really do with 15 minutes and no long-term knowledge of the patients health records, family history, environmental conditions, diet, stress-levels, or previous traumas.

This is where traditional medicine shines.

In traditional healthcare we spend time getting to know the patient, their emotions, their symptoms, their onset, their experiences, their health history, their family dynamic. previous concerns. current concerns. additional concerns.

ALL OF IT. Because ALL of it matters.

We ask real questions and build a real relationship.

We get a chance to actually connect with and make our patients feel heard, but we also get a diagnosis on that first visit that tells us whats going on health-wise.

This detailed diagnosis allows us to formulate a unique and effective treatment approach.

IF we could just learn to put our egos aside (Eastern and Western medicine alike) and accept that neither medicine is a stand alone, each has its strengths and these strengths could COMPLEMENT each other if we could just learn to RESPECT others in the healing/medical world.

We could do so much.

We could take the burden off the emergency medical system.

We could get quicker, more accurate diagnosis, sooner.

We could start addressing health at the root cause, the beginning.

We could shorten ER waits.

We could relieve the burden of those who take years for diagnostics.

We could improve the mental health of so many suffering with mental health.

We could reduce strain on our doctors, nurses and care providers.

We could grow a more powerful, complete system of medicine.

Because I know Acupuncture works, but I can’t sew someones arm back on. I can’t save someone from a tragic car accident, I can’t deliver a child.

... But I can, help someone improve recovery time after that bone is surgically fixed, and I can induce your labor, or nourish you post-birth, stimulate lactation and just generally reduce inflammation.

I can, improve your digestion, strengthen your immune system, reduce chronic pain, improve respiratory health, increase energy, relieve stress and tension, improve mental health, and SO MUCH MORE.

We, as functional healthcare providers, can relieve SO much strain from our emergency medicine system.

IF only we could all see, recognize and appreciate that.

IF we could get along and work together using our unique strengths, we could be achieving better healthcare from the ground up for ALL.

Because this is what our world deserves.

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