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Using Baby Signs Changed Our Lives

From the moment she was determined to grow in my belly I knew she was strong willed.

My girl just turned 17 months and I can’t believe how much she has grown this last month after introducing this life changing skill.

She’s always been curious, strong and independent, but now that she can become part of the conversation, it’s been life changing.

She’s also a very hungry and busy girl, so having her tell me if she is hungry, or wants more of what we are doing is a LIFE SAVER!

There has been so much less crying, so much more communication and so many more laughs because of it.

Imagine yourself, coming from the darkness of your mothers womb, into this scary ass bright world - and your only method of communicating yourself is crying.

How scared would you be, how frustrated would you be when you’re trying to explain something for the first time. a new feeling, action, dislike, and you have no way to say it besides scream because they’re not listening or don't understand you.

This book → changed my life.

Baby Signs: How to Talk with Your Baby Before your Baby can Talk by Linda A, Susan G and Doug A. (

I now have mini-conversations with my daughter at not even 1.5 years, it's so fun.

If you haven’t heard of baby signs I highly recommend this book, or you can find loads of free content on Youtube if you prefer video learning.

Whatever method you choose, please just promise me you will just TRY it, the amount of stress and screaming reduced in our home the within the first few weeks is unreal.

I mean really, one of the hardest things as a toddler is learning to interact and communicate with your loved ones, this helps them to:

+Strengthen their communication skills - watch the excitement in their eyes when you clearly understand what they mean.

+Strengthen your family bond - as you understand each other more you can make everything a conversation or a game to get them involved and keep them occupied/busy when out and about.

+Statistically shown that kids who learn baby signing have larger vocabularies and score higher on IQ tests as adults.

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