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As we grow, our creations tend to grow with us. And I've been through a lot of growth lately - so here it's time for a change.

The last 5 years have really been a whirlwind.

I've gotten sober, relapsed, got pregnant, graduated with my Acupuncture degree, had a baby, started work in my field, co-authored a book and finally (like I knew back in high-school) started my venture into Entrepreneurship!

This platform is for me to share my growth along this journey - mental, spiritual, physical.

-> To share my challenges as a mom, acupuncturist and entrepreneur and effective techniques that work for me to help things flow smoother.

-> To share my patients questions and clinical musings as a healer to help educate families and bring healing into their homes.

-> & To motivate others in life and business through sharing my up's and downs along the way.

Some weeks you may get a number of posts, and other weeks maybe just one.

& some posts (especially TCM theory) may or may not be for you, and thats okay because the other content you gain here will change your life.

The length of the content will vary, most of the theory will tend to be in long form, but most of the self-love material will be in a short, easy to digest, brutally honest, and in your face format.

Because healers have to be brutally honest.

It's our job to call it out, tell it like it is and share the honest truth.

I am looking forward to a new season of growth together here at the Wicked company.


xxo, Samantha

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