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Acupressure; A Brief History & Everyday Use

In this blog post we will cover:

- Thousands of years of documented Acupressure healing cases.

- How Acupressure was founded.

- How Acupressure can be used to address annoying symptoms, even at home.

- Why Acupressure is one of the easiest forms of self-care.

Acupressure was one of the first forms of healing to arise among the human species.

From our beginning days it was recognized that the sensation of touch was able to comfort and calm the mind and create stimulation and sensations within the body.

As time continued to pass the civilizations grew and circumstances slowly changed, warring states began to require self-healing modalities and the collection of data surrounding effective treatments began to accu


It was found through this extensive documentation that certain areas on the body, when punctured with an arrow, mysteriously seemed to cure long-standing symptoms.

These strange occurrences were documented over the years and this intricate observation led to the discovery of meridian and channel theory, which follow these very specific points along the body that we now call Acupuncture Points.

As history continued, studies

on healing continued, and knowledge continued to accumulate. Naturally, new methods of touch therapy began to be applied.

The growing discovery of the internal body through dissection and knowledge of these exterior points grew to form our current understanding of the body's own innate healing abilities. Touch therapy treatments were developed for a variety of aches, pains and illnesses, and continued to arise through the accumulation of results and studies.

Over the years, it became more obvious that stimulation of these very specific points could be used for healing extremely specific symptoms whether it be congestion, nausea, pain, indigestion, etc. For example the use of Pericardium 6 located on the inside of the forearm for the treatment of nausea.

With this thoroughly mapped out anatomical knowledge, it became easier to share techniques between physicians and healers around the world were able to implement pressure therapy to aid physical symptoms, reduce pain and speed healing/recovery times.

These accumulated documents and years of practitioner observation and study led the way to our current day Traditional Chinese Medical modalities.

There really is no limit to the strength of touch as medicine.

Acupressure has evolved since its discovery into a complete system that addresses address acute, chronic and severe symptoms occurring within the body. It can be used to treat mental disorders, reduce stress, slow arthritis, improve stomach issues, address infertility, PMS problems and so much more.

Your practitioner will perform an intake diagnosis to ensure they can properly address your particular constitution.

Some conditions will require deeper manipulation and more frequent treatment than others. For chronic pain you may be getting acupressure three times a week for seven weeks to properly address the condition.

Acupressure is a powerful modality that can be self-applied within the home, work, and other environments to help improve mood, speed healing processes and reduce recovery time. It can also be u

sed in these environments for stress reduction, migraines, nausea, nervousness, and tired eyes.

Most Acupressure points are very accessible, so are easy to apply pressure to.

It obvious this is why Tapping has become such a successful treatment modality!

+ These points have been used successfully for thousands of years.

+ Helps address blockages - mentally and physically that may be keeping us stuck.

+ Increases circulation and energy, giving us more power throughout the day.

+ Feels AMAZING - taking care of yourself just feels good.

SO! Like I tell all of my patients in clinic.

Stop holding yourself back from healing!

Simply adding 10-15 minutes of acupressure (or reflexology) into your day can be life changing!

Healing means more energy, more energy means more freedom.

There is no excuse not to help strengthen your body's own healing ability!

Just because you don't see results immediately does not mean they are not happening.

Have you ever heard of EFT Tapping? Comment below!

Cheers, Samantha, xxo

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