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Samantha incorporates her oriental healing background with a new integrative approach to hoop dance.  

Samantha Landry 

Samantha Landry grew up just outside of Moncton, New Brunswick. After graduating from TRHS with high honours she quickly found herself in a retail position where shortly after she was promoted into an assistant manager role. 

After years of substance abuse, lessons and mistakes, she finds herself at home in Nova Scotia on a mission to help others who struggle with addictions, anxiety, mental health, or community to build the foundation on which to live a healthier, happier, and cleaner life. 

As a practicing acupuncturist, and a certified Reiki practitioner Samantha connects the flow of the body with the movement of the hoop naturally. During a music festival in 2009 she picked up her first hula hoop and after that her life was changed forever. 

As a child her deep passion for dancing had her in front of the television during any music video teaching herself any move she could catch. Picking up a hula-hoop led her to find a deeper connection in an almost meditative state. It felt so releasing. Her focus was on the circle, and not on the thoughts of others. This would become her both her rescue and escape. 

During the following years her hoop became her therapist, she was introduced to more hoop friends and learned that it was quickly developing a community. Though performing isn't in her cards her passion to share how this healing movement has helped her throughout recovery, and how it has connected her to others has consistently grown as she has journeyed through reclaiming her own life. 

Samantha's life changed when she picked up that first hoop almost 10 years ago. Through the ups and downs, sea bottoms and mountain tops that plastic little circle has been at her side. Now after a long journey of recovery her passion is to help others remember to connect, centre and recalibrate. 

Learn more about Samantha or her new brand Wicked Wellness


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