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Make It Your Best Season Yet (2022)

Creating a life in which we smile more, feel better, and get shit done.


Invest In Yourself

Investing in yourself doesn’t always mean financially investing. Life is hard and we all deserve a little treat.

Maybe it’s joining a dance class, or getting that second hand work out equipment, or taking an online course.

Maybe it’s getting a baby sitter for a few hours one day a week so you can have some you time.

Dedicating a few minutes each morning to having a routine, music or products you use that you know make you feel good can help get your day started right.


Practice Self Care

Self-Care is a huge buzz word now.

Let's be honest, most people think of a candle lit bath or spa day when they hear the overused word.


TRUE self care goes so much deeper than that.

Self-care, real self-care is about making sure you are cleaning and refilling your OWN cup.

Self-care DOES NOT always adding something, it may mean walking away from old friendships that drain you, leaving a relationship that is no longer fulfilling you, or finding a safe community to share your story.

We need to stop painting self-care with this impractical vision of relaxing and getting pampered, because so many people are sitting in so much stress, trauma and financial turmoil that they couldn’t even relax if they were given the opportunity.

Self-Care will look different for everybody, and look different depending on the day or season of life.

But TRUE self-care starts with healing yourself, and loving yourself first.

... Because you can’t truly care for yourself if you are still struggling to love or accept yourself.


Be Grateful

Harvard studies have proven when we practice gratitude our minds, and our mental health shift.

It takes your brain 200 times of thinking something before it identifies with that thought - making it that much harder to reframe.

This is one reason why recovery can be so hard for long-term addicts, not only is there a physical reliance, but also a mental attachment to being a user, or "the addict."

When we take just a few minutes out of each day to be grateful - it can be first thing in the morning, right before each of your meals, or even right before bed, it will begin to rewire the brain to look for the positive in situations.

This rewiring takes time, and does not come without work - but it. is. life changing.


Set Big Goals

Yes, even someone with a busy schedule CAN do it.

We all have 24 hours in a day - it is what you choose to do with that time and energy that matters.

There are only excuses.

The journey may not look exactly like you would like it too.


In 10 years time, you are either going to be exactly where you are now - or you can be on the path to the life you want to spend the rest of your existence thriving.

It may take years to accomplish, but don't let excuses get in the way of you doing things that make you happy.

You'd be surprised at how when you start to set goals that let you live in your passion, things around you start to fall into place.


Be practical and be responsible with goal setting. Don't just up and quit with a family to feed. Don't just start a business and expect to make it over night.

But, do it. Set the goal and act on it.

Because life isn't just about performing actions day in and day out, life is about growing, living, loving and creating our own happiness in life, because nobody is going to do it for you.

You're not just going to one day hit the happy lottery.

You need to take stock of your own life.

Where you are? What you are not happy with? What makes you smile? Are you fulfilled?

Then you can set SMART goals towards getting where you wanna go.


Eat Healthy

You can’t put vegetable oil in your car and expect it to run properly.

Just like you can’t fuel yourself with greasy fast food daily and expect your body to thrive.

YOU are responsible for choosing foods that nourish your body, not deplete it.

Despite cost comparison claims it is BY FAR cheaper to meal plan at home than to eat garbage while running your errands, or on your quick, already rushed lunch break.

If you "don't have the time" to meal plan - there are HUNDREDS of fitness coaches, moms, dieticians and food bloggers who offer FREE downloadable meal plans online.

Some of these even specifically focus on low cost highly nutritious meals that are quick to make.


Move Daily

As goes the saying you don’t use it,

you loose it.

You NEED to be moving your body daily - even just for a 30 minute slow walk. (Thats literally just 10 minutes of walking 3 times daily.)

If our circulatory system is not challenged it will slow down and can clog causing further health complications.

If our lymph system is not moved, it will slow and detoxification will be slowed as well.

If our intestines are not massaged (which happens during walking) our guts will suffer.

If our body is sedentary our detoxification systems are not working optimally which leads to weight gain, digestive upsets, and chronic diseases.

I worked in a nursing home for half a decade and can list a dozen ladies who at the age of 85+ walked more daily than most of our youth/young adults do in the run of a week. And guess what, these ladies were thriving. Many of them in their 90's now.

How many sedentary people do you know who are at top health? Comment below if you've ever made the switch from sedentary -> active OR active -> sedentary.

Was it due to an injury, work, school?

What did you notice/feel in your body/mind?

As always Wicked ones, goodbye for now, Cheers, Samantha. XXO

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