Hello Wicked Ones

Hello wild world,

Samantha here, 2022 and it's about time I get off my ass and start putting my knowledge to work.

This isn't going to be some detailed everything about me post, but, I thought I would start the blog with at least an introduction of my mission.

I will be introducing myself randomly throughout the future of my blogging journey.

My main priority here with the blog is to have a one-stop hub for all my content.

Parts will be edited to be shared with other platforms along the way, but, my blog will act as my hub for all the other sources.

The main goal here at the Wicked Wellness blog is to help you Recover from your old conditioning, Reclaim your true power and Rediscover the warrior woman within by taking small, actionable steps everyday.

The Motivational Monday series will be applicable to anybody who has minimal time on their hands, but still wants to grow and improve their own health and home.

I share tips & tricks that I've had experience and success with in my own recovery journey.

The Wellness Wednesday series will share my a view of my world as an Acupuncturist. I aim to teach Chinese medicine to the public in a way that can be easily understood, even without a background in health or wellness.

The Foundation Fridays series will be based on building finances from home.

I will share easy to implement tips on budgeting, saving and earning and income from home.

As previously mentioned, I'm going to keep this one quick and short, as I'll be re-introducing the company and myself several times throughout the year for any new comers (:

I look forward to sharing with, and creating for you!

Happy expanding Wicked ones!


DISCLAIMER: Information shared on this site is solely for the purpose of providing the public another approach in life, it does not in any way replace the advise of your current Health Care Professionals or Financial Advisors.

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