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3 Ways to Improve Your Morning Routine (yes, even as a busy mom)

As a parent naturally some days are harder than others.

Being intentionally prepared for those harder moments can make a BIG difference in the overall mood/tone of your day - and therefore the overall quality of life you experience.

After 3 years and 2 babies I will share 3 simple things I wish someone would have shared with me during my first pregnancy.

This article covers 3 of these main topics I wish someone had shared with me in the beginning during that exhausting phase.

And it really is as simple as

  1. Having a solid morning routine

  2. Get dressed

  3. Get something into your body

Create a solid morning routine: And I don’t mean the toxic “wake up at 5am, meditate for an hour, go for a walk on the beach.”

It is not always going to go smooth or as scheduled,

but if you can have a foundational morning routine that you refer back to,

something that you know fills your happy cup then you have the foundation to start your day off positively.

Starting each day on a more positive note will radiate into the rest of your life.

And it’s not always going to go smooth, and its not always going to happen, but the more it does happen, the more happiness you invite into your world.

Bonus Tip: After you have solidified a morning that fills your cup, create a mini routine that you can do when you are away. This stops excuses for falling out of routine.

Get dressed.

I cannot stress this enough.

You don’t need to ditch the comfort but even a fresh pair of leggings with a cute tee can

help shift your mood for the day.

There’s nothing like feeling fresh, cute and comfy.

It’s a simple act that can influence the whole energy of your day.

Get something into your body.

It’s called break-fast for a reason.

I know not everyone feels like eating in the mornings (it’s actually a pathology in TCM) but your body needs to be appropriately fuelled.

Failing to fuel your body at appropriate times with the proper fuel becomes detrimental to your health over time.

Most of all it is extremely important to start the day with something beneficial in the gut.

Starting the morning off right sets the foundation for your blood sugar throughout the day, and therefore sets the tone for your energy and mental state too.

I myself am not a fan of big meals in the morning, so I start my day by drinking a glass of Fibrewise, or mixing up a protein drink.

Smoothies and apple sauce packets are other great options that don’t take much prep time, and add some simple nourishment to get you through to that first meal of the day.

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