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As our bodies sit and we begin to live more sedentary lifestyles our Blood/Energy is slowly becoming more stagnant. Introducing proper foods and daily movement is important to both our immediate and long-term health. 

Unfortunately, diets and resolutions often fail, people tend to get a gym membership and go hard the first month then fade out. Our body's do not like sudden and hasty change. This will not be sustainable. The key to successfully implementing healthy change is small, slow and sustainable steps.

Most people are looking for a quick fix, or magic pill for a variety of ailments. I'm here to tell you that THERE IS NO QUICK FIX. We have been loading toxins into our bodies for YEARS and this overload has been accumulating. We have been building these daily health habits for years, often subconsciously. When you consider how much time your body has been loading up on toxins by falling into these habits at such young ages, it should give you an idea of why our health cannot be recovered over night. 

Health is a journey.
It is not a one stop flight.
You will be on this journey for the rest of your life - join me in making it healthy, sustainable, and FUN. 


Our mission at Healing with Hoops is to create small shifts in behaviour;
 share simple and easy to follow nutritional/habitual changes that make big impacts;

and to introduce a fun way of moving to the body that brings a few minutes of laughter and joy into your life everyday. 

We promote things thats truly feel good, and that influence healthy activity within your body down to the cellular level. 

Samantha's passion is to promote healing from the inside out by making fitness fun, health a habit and by building creativity, community and confidence in self-identified women who struggle to find their tribe.

"Building a solid foundation of movement, confidence and community."

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